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On Line- July Get up and Boogie!


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On Line- July Get Up and Boogie!


July 9, 16, 23, 30


This class is open to all ages. Each Thursday we will post 45 minutes worth of music based fitness! Zumba, Pound, a music based workout, and Yoga will be featured for the four weeks of this class. We will also have posts throughout the weeks encouraging participants to move and have fun!


Zumba is back in this musical movement class! For four week we’ll dance, drum, and move our way through various fun video classes. More specifically we’ll have one week devoted to each kind of music-based workout: Zumba, Pound, Yoga and our very own music based workout.

We will also be posting fun activities to get participants moving throughout the week. These posts, such as playlists to our favorite dance mixes and “dance break” activities will be posted on days other than Thursday and will add just a bit more fun to the week!

*Our aim is to create programs that allow our participants to be as independent as possible. We will send out an overview of the activities with the materials required at the beginning of the month so that you can determine how much assistance your child will require.

How to access the lessons: In order to access these online classes, you will need a device that has internet access.  We will be using Google Classroom, so you will need a Gmail account to log into the classroom.  These are free to create at if you need one.  A few days before the first video, expect an email inviting you to join the Google Cooking classroom. Once you accept the invitation you are in for the month.

 Important Information:

• To get an application go to 
• No refunds will be given after the program has started

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